Sunday, September 19, 2010


I fell in love with photography back in 1978 when my mother was shopping at Sears and the newest of the Polaroid Instant Cameras came out in the market. The sales rep said- “hey girl you want me to take your picture?”

I was mesmerized with the new camera and I had to sit. To be shown and demonstrated the new magical camera that would automatically spit out a picture already developed.

I sat there until I heard the click and the zoom like noise. I ran to her because I did not want to miss the moment the picture would actually come out of that camera. As she shook it and blew on it, shook it some more, which I thought were awesome moves and much needed for the final image to develop. Right there at Sears…

I fell in love with photography.

My daughter now uses the Nintendo DSi to take images of her everyday life. She has taken pictures of her grandpa, siblings, and friends of hers and mine even a pizza she enjoyed during a lunch break. Photography has brought so much happiness to my life and that happiness I hope becomes hers as well in the future.

Photography is magical a friend of mine said last night- “It’s Alchemy… its magic”.

Charlie you are so right.

I share a few snapshots she has taken with her camera… My guess is she already has discovered the beauty of observation and memory keeping…

If you read the blog here …you will find some clickable links.

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